The air of life taken out: an unfortunate death

As life flows on like a stream, each decision we make causes a ripple. These ripple causes distortions in the future, thus creating endless possibilities or probabilities for something to occur. In case of a decision such as ignoring a faulty part in a vehicle and shrugging it off as a negligible thing, could have dire consequences.

At 12:45 pm on July 13th, a Honda Takata and Toyota Celica collided in Cabramatta in New South Wales. In the collision, 58-year old driver of the Takata died instantly. Police were called immediately, and a crime scene was established. Medics treated the wounds of the other victim and then he was rushed to the hospital. Upon further investigation, the reason behind the death of the victim was shown to be shrapnel stuck in the man’s neck, which got projected when the airbag expanded during the car crash. The other victim fortunately didn’t have any fatal injuries.

Honda immediately contacted the police in charge of this investigation; they offered their condolences and upon even further investigation, it was found that the Takata was among the many other vehicles recalled by Honda due to having faulty airbags. Until this date, Honda has fixed up to half a million cars and one-fifth of a million cars still remain to be fixed. Despite doing everything they can, in order to avoid accidents like this but due to the sheer volume of cars, they cannot cope. However, it wasn’t only the company’s responsibility.

The customers were given 24 hour call center and a public VIN checker, so it was also the customer’s responsibility to bring their cars for a checkup. A small crack in a dam could turn into a big one during floods, if the small crack wasn’t there then perhaps, the dam would not have cracked. The man’s death was similar to that of a dam cracking. He ignored the danger but that ignorance caused enough distortion in the future to take his life. The ignorance was small but just enough. So when it comes to something as important as security measures, never leave any stone unturned.

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