Combustion to electrifying

Following France’s statement of banning internal combustion engines in 2040, many brands have started making alternate method of cars, Volvo being the ring leader of these brands. But among all this commotion and new decisions, some brands have made quiet and yet really efficient moves. “Zero” motorcycles have been building and have built, really high quality electric motorcycles. Not making their presence known and yet, striking to stun the automobile market like a silent panther. Their first bike was the SR sport. Many beta testers fell in love with its quiet, smooth operation and running quality, its moderate fuel needs, the seamless delivery of torque, the braking system and most importantly, the hybrid look which gave it a cross like shape between dirt and a road bike. However, the expensive starting point of their price is what made most people, a little hesitant to buy it.

Zero bikes have now made a comeback with some more new models, the DSR and the FX. The DSR is about 1.5 inches more than its predecessor and almost an inch, more on the front and rear wheel. About 2.5 degree more rake along with 1.5 inch more front trail. The FX bike which uses MT90 A/T tires has about 8 inch front and 9 inch rear tires. FXS is quite lightweight, weighing at just 289 pounds, 287 with a smaller battery. It uses a 6.5kW battery on the bigger size, while using just 3.3 kW battery on the smaller version. The DSR is more of welter weight than light weight. It weighs somewhere from 419 to 463 pounds, the weight mostly depends on battery size.

The motor of DSR is the upgraded version of the SR one. It produces 116 lbs/ft of torque, about 10 more than its predecessor; it also delivers 70 hp now rather than 67. DSR comes with a 13 kWh battery but can be upgraded to 16.3 kWh. After the upgrade, one can travel 138 miles non-stop or 184 miles by stopping and going. After summing it all up and balancing the credit and debit, the bikes now start at $16000 rather than $20000 like it did before, and any biker who can afford should definitely own one. Who wouldn’t like to own a badass bike but at the same time pay a little less on its maintenance and actually help the environment by not emitting toxic carbon dioxide.

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